Intensive Creative Masterclass

Supercharge your Creative Thinking for Growth


Business leaders, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Creatives, Developers, Designers, Marketers, Engineers, Social Influencers…

Have you got a business vision, a product or idea you want to develop, sell or champion? Do you want to create positive change and influence others with your own narrative or simply be able to judge creative work more effectively? This is for you.


You will learn to use proven tools and structured frameworks, from the world’s most effective influencers and stroytellers

Together we’ll explore the ‘Creative Idea’ in-depth, across all media. We’ll exercise different Visual thinking, Creative writing and Creative problem solving techniques. We’ll also practice Creative crafts immersion, Strategic & Tactical Thinking, New Product Development and more.


You will be empowered to sharpen your market focus, hit your targets and maximise the value of your brand’s creative output.

Also you’ll learn to reposition your brand ahead of your competition, be able to optimise your resources better, make quicker decisions, strengthen long term relationships in your markets and consolidate new business opportunities for growth.


In every session you’ll work in small groups, disrupting, innovating and learning how to inspire everyone, with a breakthrough narrative.

The Internal Team Format is designed for attendees from the same company, usually at their own premises. The Corporate Format is designed for delegates from different companies.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch and we’ll confirm the details of our next available Masterclass workshops. Both formats offer you three options to choose from:

1.- 2h In-Depth Introduction
2.- 4 Sessions Intensive (4h x 4)
3.- 12 Sessions Immersive (4h x 12)