Website, Social Media & Experiential campaign

For Health Care Professionals (HCP’s), osteoporosis is a major cause of hospitalisation for women.

The objective of this campaign was to provide HCP’s, policy makers, patients and researches with an invaluable tool to help share knowledge and raise awareness about Osteoporosis, it’s management and prevention.

With ‘knowledge is power’ and ‘shared knowledge’ as the core concepts of our strategy, we created the ‘Unbreakable Embrace’ campaign. The first online campaign uniting people around the world in an offline and online chain of support for bone health.

As part of this campaign we designed a new website for the International Osteoporosis Foundation, providing a wealth of information about the condition. We also created a Facebook campaign/application and used Twitter and YouTube as the engines for the Social Media campaign. We also created informative events, organised free dancing sessions, sponsored walks and human chains.

The result was unprecedented and on International Osteoporosis Day, October 20th, thousands of people around the world showed solidarity joining together in a human chain. Their support was key to lobby governments, support other patients and raise renewed awareness about Osteoporosis across the globe.

Other Work