LG Washine machine
TV & Video Production

The LG Steam washing machine provides an extra cycle using steam heat, designed to make it possible for home users to wash and dry clothes usually sent to the dry cleaners.

Shot in the empty streets of San Francisco’s CBD at dawn, the white steam revitalises the costumes on a Chinatown parade float parked outside the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. A pink teddy bear is de-grimed and given new eyes. A car parked outside the Piedmont Boutique in Haight-Ashbury is provided with a clean cover…. 

…bronze children playing in Transamerica Redwood Park are polished up and relieved of their layers of bird poop. All in all it’s Spectacular cleaning.

Our producer Angela Zabala worked closely with director Michael Geoghegan and director of photography Jo Willems to do the majority of the steam effect in-camera, pumping liquid nitrogen in hand held cylinders tracking down the streets to create giant walls of steam.

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