PowerPoint templates design

Sometimes our clients needs are simple briefs or smaller projects that require the same attention to detail and dedication as the big ones.

A good example, was the re-design of PowerPoint templates for Boehringer-Ingelheim diabetes division, with a simple and clear proposition at the heart of the designs, ‘Innovation through Exploration’.

At Mindjuicer we passionately believe that visual balance improves the speed of the communication, brings focus and cements the authority/leadership of the brand’s message and the brand itself.

In this instance we used sugar crystals from diabetes to create our templates designs. Then added motion trails and spin motion to reflect the client’s values of innovation and exploration. We placed these elements in the background but retaining the crystals as button as well. This coloured buttons then could be then used as focal points to support specific information across the templates, or even remain as part of the background design, supporting them with white halos and smaller buttons, as if they were ‘planets in orbit’.

This last aspect, reflects the ‘Global’ environment where Boehringer Ingelheim is well established as a leader in the market. This is underpinned with the clean environment around the center of the templates, where the thin line (with soft edges) defines the center with a cut clear, sharp defined expression to underpin the brand name.

Also with some of the designs we used a vertical split, to enable the conversation about transition and evolution, from the exploration and inspiration phase, into a clearly defined brand where it can present all the content in a much more, clean and defined environment.

Additionally we used a desaturation of the background, to add flexibility bringing flexibility and additional value. Flexibility, because the client could use the same template to highlight difference products or operations, utilising the different coloured crystals as the visual clue that identifies those areas. Value, because with this design they could optimise your budget saving unnecessary costs if the client ever wanted to redesign the template and adapt it to highlight different areas or communication’s activities.

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